Measure Percolation.

Determine the capability at which your soil absorbs liquid.

How to Run a Percolation Test Part 4

Following are what you might expect for your Percolation Test Results. This is part 4 in our series on How to Run a Percolation Test. These steps should follow the previous steps taken from part 1 of our series on How to Run a Percolation Test.

When the perc test is completed, most testers are anxious to know the results. The Health Department technician who witnessed the test may be able to say if a test fails, but never if it passes. Perc test results usually take a few days to process. Testers should advise the Health Department technician during the perc test about how he or she would like the results of the perc test reported.

Perc test results are calculated using one of the following methods. The method, which results in the slowest perc rate, is used.